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Florida State Symbols

Florida State Governor: Jeb Bush

 State GovernorBorn in a very strong politically established family, Jeb Bush has proved that he is no less. He is the forty-third and the current governor of Florida. Jeb bush was born on February 11, 1953; he spent his early years in Texas, he finished his schooling in a private boarding school in Massachusetts. His friends describe him as a very disciplined and focused person. More..

Florida State Flag

FlagThe northern mocking bird is the state bird of Florida. And these birds are found commonly in North America.The adult birds come in grey coloration, while they sport a black bill with a sliding curve. The under parts ofMocking bird the bird are lighter when compared with the upper parts. They also have long tails, with long slender legs.They like to breed in open areas as well as dense shrubs; these birds build nests made up of twigs. More..

Florida State Bird: Mockingbird

State BirdThe state flag of Florida consists of a red diagonal cross printed on a white background. The design of the flag was approved by the referendum during the 1900's. More..

Florida State Animal: Florida panther

State AnimalFlorida panther belongs to the family of cougar subspecies. This animal is considered to be an endangered species; they live in low pinelands, palm forests and swamps of southern Florida United States. Only around eighty breeding animals are present today. This is because human inhabitation has reduced the population of these animals. A small group of animas are only surviving nowadays, but most of them have heart diseases and sterility. More...

Florida State Tree: Sabal Palmetto (cabbage palmetto)

State TreeCabbage Palm, Palmetto, Cabbage Palmetto, and Sabal Palm are the other names for the sabal palmetto. This is the state tree of Florida; In the United States this tree is seen throughout Florida and into coastal Georgia and South Carolina with a single existing population in North Carolina on Cape Fear, Smiths Island. More..

Florida State Flower: Orange blossom (citrus sinensis)

Florida State FlowerThe orange blossom is the state flower of Florida. The orange blossom is considered to be a hybrid variety of pomelo and tangerine. The tree bearing the flower is relatively short and small and grows up to a height of 10 m.The shoot of the tree is filled with thorns and the tree also possesses evergreen leaves, the fruits first florida state flower: orange blossomoriginated in the regions surrounding south East Asia. More..

Florida State seal

Florida State sealGreat seal of the state of Florida is the state seal of Florida, and this seal is used to represent the government of the state of Florida. And it used to seal official credentials and legislations. [florida state seal] The seal showcases a beautiful scenery, where a Seminole African women is standing and she is spreading flowers, in the background there is the Florida's state tree, the sabal palm, it also features a brilliant sunlight which falls over the sea, and steam boats are set against the sun. More..

Florida State Marine- Mammal Manatee

Florida State MarineManatees (family Trichechidae, genus Trichechus) often referred, as sea cows are large water mammals. manateesThe Trichechidae differ from the Dugongidae in the skull and tail shape. Manatees contain a paddle-shaped tail, while the Dugong possesses a forked tail. Manatee is an herbivorous animal that grazes in shallow waters. More..

Florida State Saltwater- Mammal Porpoise

Florida State SaltwaterThe mammal porpoise is Florida's state saltwater mammal, these porpoises are small mammals and they are mammal porpoisesassociates of whales and dolphins. But these porpoises exhibit some kind of differences when compared with the dolphins. The main difference between porpoise and dolphin is the symmetry of head and shape of the teeth. These animals live in oceans and they are mostly found near the shores. More..

Florida State Freshwater Fish-Largemouth Bass

Freshwater FishThis fish has lateral horizontal stripes along the body, and these serve to be motion detectors so that they can easily find their prey, this fish is considered to be a predator where it can consume other fish, frogs, Cray fish, this fish also has the ability to swallow small animals. More..

Florida State Saltwater Fish -Sailfish

The sailfish is the Florida state's saltwater fish; this fish exhibits a very different physical structure. The sail fishsailfish portrays a dark blue coloration on the top and has a kind of light brownish tinge in its lateral parts and the fish's tummy has a silvery white hue. More..

Florida State Butterfly- Zebra Longwing

Zebra LongwingThe zebra Longwing butterfly was declared as the state butterfly of Florida on April 26, 1996, by Chiles Florida's Governor. Zebra longwing butterfly is a small, bad-tasting butterfly whose wing camouflage makes hard to catch it. Its yellow stripes make hard to tell if the butterfly is coming or going. More..

Florida State Wildflower- Coreopsis

CoreopsisCoreopsis is commonly called Tickseed and is approved perennial plant for the year 1992. This is the wildflower of Florida. These vibrant flowers that are long stemmed are usually yellow in color with maroon centers and a toothed tip. This flower is chiefly native to North America. More..

Florida State Gem -Moonstone

MoonstoneMoonstone, the most paranormal gem with shimmering glow in a floating material. Moonstone is the variety of feldspar and the shimmer and is formed by the intergrowth of two different feldspar. The color ranges florida state gem: moonstone from colorless to grey, brown, yellow, green or pink. More..

Florida State Shell - Horse Conch

HorseHorse conch is the largest shells and is the mostly available in the world. Horse conch is carnivores and also [florida state shell: horse conch] the Florida's state shell. It feeds chiefly on bigger shells such as Tulip shell, Lightning whelk and Lace Murex, and on the bivalve pen shells. More...

Florida State Beverage -Orange Juice

Orange JuiceThe orange blossom is the state flower of Florida. The orange blossom is considered to be a hybrid variety of pomelo and tangerine. The tree bearing the flower is relatively short and small and grows up to a height of 10 m.

Cross and Sword

Florida's State Play is Cross and Sword. Cross and Sword, an outdoor reenactment of the founding of St.Augustine. This play was created in honor of the St. Augustine's 400th Anniversary in 1965. Paul Green, winner of 1927 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his Broadway play in Abraham's Bosom, wrote it. More..

Swanee River

The Swanee River is the Florida's State Song. Stephen C. Froster wrote this song in 1851. Foster sold his song to E.P. Christy, a businessman who operated a series of minstrel shows after writing the song. More...

Florida, My Florida

Stephen C. Foster, one of America's Best-loved melodious storytellers, wrote "The Swanee River" in 1851. More...

The Sunshine State

Sunshine State was adopted as the Florida's State Nickname by the 1970 Legislature. Florida is said to be the Sunshine State because of the vast sum of sunshine it receives. Previously, the official sanction for this nickname can be inferred from the law requiring use of Sunshine State on motor vehicle licenses. More..

In God we trust

The words "In God We Trust" were officially adopted as the national motto in the 1950s. The motto was a part of Florida's state seal approved in 1868. More...