Florida State Flower: Orange blossom

orange blossom
The orange blossom is the state flower of Florida. The orange blossom is considered to be a hybrid variety of pomelo and tangerine. The tree bearing the flower is relatively short and small and grows up to a height of 10 m.

The shoot of the tree is filled with thorns and the tree also possesses evergreen leaves, the fruits first originated in the regions surrounding south East Asia.

The states of Florida and California are involved in the extensive cultivation of this fruit, and thus the orange cultivation is one of their major businesses.

These oranges require a warm climate, and the taste of the fruit can be sweet or sour. The orange can be used not only for direct consumption, but can also be used for making a lot of byproducts like
• Orange juice is a very popular product made from oranges
• Orange oil, this obtained by extracting the juice from the peel of the fruit, the orange oil can be used to season certain foodstuffs and its even used in perfumes to bring out a orangish tinge in the fragrance.

The orange blossom flower is considered to bring good fortune by many and thus this flower is used to decorate bridal bouquets and head wreaths for weddings.

The petals of the flower are used to extract a kind of scent, which is used in the manufacture of rose water.