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Enter the enthralled, tropical world of the Zoo with a relaxing, enjoyable and educational experience for the entire family. This pleasurable, yet enlightening exhilarating activity will allow nature lovers and confront seekers alike and chance to enjoy the thrill of adventure "Families can "zoom" from tree to tree by means of rope connections, zip lines, on the edge disks and a multiplicity of exclusive systems for this thrilling addition to the Zoo. Guests will immerse themselves in the forest, much like an animal would pass through the trees and view the world," he went on to say.

There are also additional grouping packages to choose from including adding a day at the Zoo into your adventure. A children course also exists with a height necessity of 36" up to 60". It put forward lots of activities like kayaking, riding the train, and feeding the animals. In count, the Zoo every day offers animal presentation that revolves depending on the day as well as alligator, otter, and scavenger feedings. If you can't get adequate of the Zoo or purely a nature devotee, regard as checking out our countless guided outdoor exciting activity of the Space Coast.

This matchless venture takes guests off the walkway on a grand instructive hour getting up close and private with some of the Zoo's most fascinating animal inhabitants like Ollie, a black-throated monitor lizard, to Howard, one of our white rhinos. Visitors study the intricacies involved in keeping these beautiful creatures conditioned, healthy, and spiritually enriched, and will discover first-hand how the Zoo's capable keepers make use of their guidance to cooperate with the animals.