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Florida is a state in the southern eastern region of U.S, bordering with Alabama and Georgia. It was admitted to united state as 27th state. It is also named as a "sunshine state" because of its warm climate. It has a lot of small towns and small industrial cities. According to the census bureau the population of this state in the year 2008 was 18,328,340 and ranked as the fourth colonized state in US. The capital city is Tallahassee. The largest metro area is Miami. People in Florida are known as "Floridians".

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Florida resorts are designed to offer you the extraordinary understanding of an untouched tropical paradise and a world-class resort. They have healthier nature with man-made pleasures at The Great Outdoors. It presents their guests facility of choice, including family entertainment, beach access, water amusement, dining, and golf and spa services. Florida resorts are situated in central, central east, central west, north central, northeast, northwest, southeast and south west. Resort accommodations span the state, welcoming families, friends in search of enjoyment on weekend getaways and couples on the lookout for romance.

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