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There are wide varieties of animals available in florida. Few of them are listed below

Florida Panther

florida pantherThe Florida panther are commonly found in Western Texas and throughout the southeastern states, but now found only in Florida. The place of habitat of Florida panther include cypress swamps, pine and hardwood hammock forests. They generally feed on white-tailed deer and also on rabbits, raccoons, wild hog, armadillo and birds.
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Black Bear

black bearThe Florida black bear is black with a brown muzzle. Some have a white patch on their chests. The black deer are omnivores and diet on berries, palmetto fruits, nuts, roots, insects, small mammals, fish and carrion. These species are generally seen in dense forests, both wetland and upland forests.

Key Deer

key deerThe Florida Key Deer is the smallest race of North American deer. The habitat of key deer is island with permanent freshwater. These animals need freshwater for their survival. They feed on native plants such as red, black and white mangroves, thatch palm berries and over 160 other species of plants.
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bobcatThe Bobcat is a North American wild cat. These animals display reddish-brown or yellowish-brown coats with black or dark brown streaks and have outstanding, pointed ears with a bunch of black hair at the tip. The lower part of their body is white. The bobcat got its name due to its bobbed tail. Bobcats are roughly 25– 30 cm (10– 12 inches) high at the shoulder. The male Bobcat typically weighs from 11– 16 kg (24– 35 lb). More >>


manateeManatees (family Trichechidae, genus Trichechus) often referred, as sea cows are large water mammals. The Trichechidae differ from the Dugongidae in the skull and tail shape. Manatees contain a paddle-shaped tail, while the Dugong possesses a forked tail. Manatee is an herbivorous animal that grazes in shallow waters.The shallow marshy coastal area of North, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean Sea houses the Manatee.
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