Florida State Seal

florida state seal
Great seal of the state of Florida is the state seal of Florida, and this seal is used to represent the government of the state of Florida. And it used to seal official credentials and legislations.

The seal showcases a beautiful scenery, where a Seminole African women is standing and she is spreading flowers, in the background there is the Florida’s state tree, the sabal palm, it also features a brilliant sunlight which falls over the sea, and steam boats are set against the sun.

There are words encircling the seal such as “Great seal of state of Florida” and “In God we trust”.

There were earlier versions of the seal for the state of Florida. The first version of the seal appeared in 1861, the seal featured a palm tree and a broad leaf tree, with a women sitting with boxes and barrels. The outline of the state Florida appeared in the background, with boats in the surrounding ocean.

The seal had to be modified because it had a lot of irrelevant factors, like the portrayal of the native African in the place of the Seminole. The presence of coconut palm is also inaccurate because it has no relation with the state Florida. Thus the present day seal was formed.