Florida State Gem - Moonstone

Moonstone, the most paranormal gem with shimmering glow in a floating material. Moonstone is the variety of feldspar and the shimmer and is formed by the intergrowth of two different feldspar. The color ranges from colorless to grey, brown, yellow, green or pink. It shows all magical play of light as its distinctive facet. It owes its name to the mysterious glinting, which appears unusual when the stone changes its position in movement.

There are countless mystical and mysterious connotations that enfold this stone. It is considered sacred and as a incredible healing gemstone. It is esteemed as “dream stone”. This gemstone is awfully popular with a sensuous and feminine character. It is used to embellish the jewellery and is highly popular.

Moonstone symbolizes holistic character of men and women. Its soft shines will support the emotional and dreamy tendencies of a person and gives a seductive charm to the someone who wears it. It is also reported that wearing a moonstone will further intuition and compassion for others. This is the stone of wishes, intuition, and balance.

Moonstone was favored for love. They supposed that wearing or carrying a moonstone would bring a new love into life. They also believe that asseting a piece of moonstone over their hearts after a clash, and then exchanging the stones with each other, would bring them back as one.

Moonstone fosters bliss, gracefulness, good riches, hope, divine insight, and safe voyage on water, new beginnings and adjusting to changes, abundance and ancient intelligence. More than ever they are considered for water signs. Motherly love, support, encouragement.

The classical, bluish and almost transparent moonstones are of fine quality. However this fine-looking stone has only one hitch and is that they are vastly flimsy. But then too they can be used for a longer time and minor damages will occur only after long usage.