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mammal porpoises
The mammal porpoise is Florida’s state saltwater mammal, these porpoises are small mammals and they are associates of whales and dolphins. But these porpoises exhibit some kind of differences when compared with the dolphins. The main difference between porpoise and dolphin is the symmetry of head and shape of the teeth. These animals live in oceans and they are mostly found near the shores.

The porpoises are smaller when compared with the dolphins and they appear to be stouter. The teeth of these mammals possess the shape of a spade.

The porpoises feed on smaller fish; they also consume squids and crustaceans. They are very sociable and they travel in groups consisting more than or up to ten individuals. They make click and whistle sounds to communicate with each other.

These mammals are fast swimmers and they generally swim upside down to attract a mate.Porpoises are usually hunted for food.