Osprey is a large powerful raptor. The species name of Osprey is Pandion haliaetus carolinensis. This Floridaosprey bird has been a symbol of plight of the Chesepeake Bay for several years. They have a large, narrow-winged hawk with wings tapering to a rounded tip and a short hooked beak. They are found in rivers, lakes and shallow water estuaries. They usually build their nests under tall, offshore structures such as channel markers and duck blinds to protect their young ones. The nests are made up of dry sticks and they are placed at the top of live/dead trees.

In areas of low-fish plethora only one osprey nestling will survive but in highly productive areas two or three may survive each year. Ospreys are generally spectacular divers. They also perform shallow scoops for fish near the surface.

Their count has decreased dramatically in 1960 particularly in the bay region due to the widespread use of pesticides such as DDT and so it results in lower hatch rates since it has influenced the birds to lay eggs with extremely thin shells.

In 1972 US has banned DDT and the setback of the coast guard’s policy of dismantling

Osprey nests on channel markers, their numbers has begun to bounce back and so today

Osprey has become a common sight and it is estimated that more than 2000 pairs are nested in the Bay Area.