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Northern Mocking bird

The binomial name of Northern Mocking Bird is Mimus polyglottos. The huge number of these birds is seennorthern mocking bird in florida along the Gulf Coast to central Texas in areas where the average temperature is at a minimum of 30 degrees in January. The size of this bird is about 10 inches and is slimmer and longer tailed. The wings are blackish in color with two white wingbars.

The site of nesting is chosen by the female and the materials such as weeds, leaves, rags, twigs and other materials needed for nesting are collected by the male. Finally nests are built by both male and female birds. The nest can be in a tree, shrub or thicket.

The cool fact of this kind of birds is they can chant upto 200 songs. Northern Mocking birds not only replicate the songs of an astounding variety of other birds but also imitate the sound from some of the occasional insects and amphibians. Northern Mocking Bird was nominated as the State Bird of Texas in November 1926 by the Texas Federation of Women’s Club.