Cattle Egret

The white bird Cattle Egret is also called by the name buff-backed heron. It has a hunched posture even cattle egretwhen it is standing erect. The origination of this bird is from Africa and now it is being distributed in six different continents, which includes Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America and Australia. Legs and feet are in light orange color with a length ranging from 19 to 21 inches. The neck of this bird is medium-sized.

The binomial name of Cattle Egret is Bubulcus ibis. The Cattle Egret is very gregarious and its tendancy to associate closely with grazing animals can be recognized easily.
It is an opportunistic feeder and it sporadically adds birds to its diet.Cattle Egret is a social bird and they live in colonies. They also nest with other varieties of birds and this bird gets easily adaptable to new environments.

Cattle Egrets are not endangered or threatened species. In fact they are highly successful because they feed around large grazing animals.Because of the increasing competition for food, nest areas and direct preying upon young birds the population tends to a gradual decrease in places of native wetlands.