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Asian Brown Tortoises

asian brown tortoiseThe Asian brown tortoise is the largest Asian tortoise and has a straight-line shell, whose length exceeds up to 18 inches. The animal is very scaly; the forelimbs are enclosed with large and weighty scales. The thigh of the animal is also covered with tubercular scales.

The Asian brown tortoise is found in the uplands of Asia, they like to settle in moist forests. And when the days are warm they would soak in the water or remain in the shades, they detest the rays of the sun. They were found in some Asian countries during the twentieth century.

  • India

  • Bangladesh

  • Burma

  • Thailand

  • Malaysia

  • Indonesia

Most of the animals in this species are herbivorous, but some animals also feed on frogs and insects. These animals weigh up to twenty kilos.

The tortoise exhibits a very unusual nest construction and nest guarding behavior, the nest is made up of asian brown tortoisedried leaves, which form a pile. And once the nest is built it lays around 25-31 hard-shelled eggs, and the tortoise guards the nest fiercely from the attackers until the eggs are hatched. The hatchlings come out of the egg very slowly they take around two months to emerge out of the shell. The Asian brown tortoise is an incredible animal, weighing up to 20 kilos. The shell is relatively low, the vertebral region depressed, and the subspecies found on Borneo is brown in color, the plastron somewhat paler. The Asian brown tortoise budges very slowly, even when endangered. The species is most energetic during sunset, or during the day if the temperature is not too high. If the climate is too warm, brown tortoises may tunnel into damp soil and leaf trash.They also are found soaking in pools and small streams