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Disney's Animal Kingdom

animal kingdom entranceDisney’s animal kingdom is considered to be so much more than a zoo, the lushness and the rich greenery are the unbeatable factors in the attraction. This splendid attraction would augment our love for the planet. Great care is taken to house the animals in their respective habitat. Enjoyment and awe speak louder than words in this park. So come and refresh in this invigorating park.

There are totally seven categories in this attraction, and each one boasts a unique theme

Cool your mind and body in the Oasis:

You would be extremely mesmerized in the rich foliage of the oasis. This calm and subtle place is a home for a lot of animals like the giant ant eater, sloth, and wallaby etc. colorful birds and vibrant plants light up this place.

There is a large tropical-like restaurant called the rainforest cafe, this place reminds the tropical jungles with its swinging monkeys, yawning crocodiles and staring gorillas. An aquarium there displays a wide range of lively multihued fishes swimming crazily.

Discover the discovery land

The tree of life is the main attraction of the discovery land; this tree is fourteen stories tall and looks wonderful. The tree’s foot presents a show called the “its tough to be a bug”, this show is an 8-minute animated movie, elucidating the life style of an insect.

Striking birds and prominent wildlife are the important features of the discovery land. Animals like the Cotton-top tamarins, Saddle-billed storks, Galapagos tortoises, Asian small clawed otters, South American capybaras and green-winged macaws steal show.

Camp Minnie- Mickey

The Minnie, Mickey and their other friends are ready to greet you in this park. The entire park resembles an evergreen forest. The cute Pocahontas and her friends delight you with a stage show stating the importance to preserve forests. One of the best shows in the magic kingdom is the “festival of lion king”, which serve to be great source of entertainment both for children and adults.

Welcome to Africa

The park Africa welcomes you with their village of Harambe, the whole attraction focuses on the various parts of Africa, and the lifestyle depiction is exactly the same. You can go on a safari tour to explore the wilderness in Africa. Diverse animals and birds parade this place; this park houses around thirty four different species of birds, the inhabitants garb the costumes of native Africans enhancing the look and feel of the park.

Rafiki’s planet watch:

This area is similar to a conservation station, where they teach how to conserve the forests and thereby preserve our animals; visitors are allowed to watch the medical and veterinary procedures and examinations on animals.


This park portrays a blend of attractions from all the countries in Asia, rich forests, enchanting temples and degenerated ruins. This mysterious land takes you through its tiger tree adorned with garlands, bells and other decorative stuff. These are done for wishes to come true according to the myth.

The place contains two 5o-feet pillars which serve to be resting house for animals and birds. Take bath in the vigorously splashing kali river rapids and revivify yourself. The maharaja jungle trek paves way for you to visit exciting animals and birds.

DinoLand U.S.A

Welcome to the world of dinosaurs in the dinoLand U.S.A, the entrance is marked with beauty where you enter under a magnificent giant skeleton of Brachiosaurus, you can freak out in the “bone yard”, where you are allowed to play with the fossils.

The park houses a variety of rides.

Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama

This exotic attraction features a vibrant mid-way where you can try your luck in the games and have fun with your family.

TriceraTop Spin

Tilt your body and let your heads spin in this lovely attraction, as you spin around you could spot dino’s and other cartoon characters popping up.

Primeval Whirl

Enter in to the time machine and enjoy as you are taken into the past and present. This medieval-like roller coaster is sure to shake your guts.

Some of the exotic animals n this place are the American Crocodile, Abdim's Storks, and Asian brown tortoises.