Anhinga is known as the bird of southern swamps existing in Florida. This particular bird comes under Darter anhingaFamily. The common names given to Anhinga birds are American darter, Black darter and Snakebird. Anhinga birds are normally 32-36 inches in height with a wingspread to 4 feet. They are generally blackish with very long and thin neck. Male Anhinga’s are found in black color with silver patches on wings. Female Anhinga’s are seen with brown head and neck.

Anhinga is a constant resident from Florida to Georgia. In the southern parts of Florida this bird is well known by the name “Grecian Lady”. It often swims with the body utterly under water. In rainy seasons Anhinga spends the greater part of the day in a rigid with its neck and head lingering upward and the remaining parts of the body are flawlessly stock-still, so that the water may glide off its plumage.

Anhinga is highly territorial, performing exaggerated displays to defend the nest sites. These types of birds usually build nests in colonies, which includes herons and egrets.

Anhinga attains sexual maturity around two years after its birth. Breeding occurs throughout the year. Anhinga is a monogamous bird. Both male and female birds combine and build the nest; copulation takes place in the nest. These birds yield one egg every one to three days, which depends on the clutch size. Usually the clutch size will be a maximum of six eggs. It yields oval shaped, bluish white or pale green eggs.