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Disney World - Water Parks

Freak out as you taste the flavor of ecstasy in the amazing water parks water parks of the Disney world. Enjoy to the fullest in the two fun-filled water parks, the Disney’s typhoon lagoon and the Disney’s blizzard beach.

Disney’s typhoon lagoon:

disney typhoon lagoonThe Walt Disney world resort houses the typhoon lagoon; this fantasy is situated in Orlando, Florida. As the name suggests, the typhoon forms the principal theme of the attraction. The legend unfolds a story of how a storm destructed a tropical paradise, blowing everything into pieces. You can have fun in the water; you could also spot fishes, shipping boats and other items scattered over the entire place.


The attractions in this water park include:>

Castaway creek:

This large tube slowly goes around the park; it passes all the streams, soft waterfalls and mist screens.

Crush n’ gusher:

Be ready to face the fast water jet, which speeds across the hair pin bends and sudden drop-offs. This is a new attraction added to the place.

Gang plank falls:

You can have fun in this large tube, where four persons can sit comfortably. This is a family water slide.

Humunga Kowabunga:3

These enormous slides let you slide over tall structures and finally you will land in the pool, all these actions would take place in seconds.

Typhoon lagoon:

This is a fabulous wave pool, which brings gentle waves as well as giant waves.

The other attractions in the park include midday falls and keelhaul falls, ketchkakiddee creek and the shark reef.

Disney’s blizzard beach

The blizzard beach is a spectacular beach located in lake Buena Vista Florida. The theme of this water park isblizzard beach the occurrence of snow storm which resulted in being a ski resort, but then the snow started to melt and a collection of waterlogged ski-jumps took its place. But then when the resort was in the verge of closing, an alligator came down the slide screaming “yahoo”. And then the park took a new incarnation with the alligator as its mascot and it was named as the ice-gator.

The various attractions in this place include:

Orange slope:

The mount Gushmore is a 220 feet attraction. And the orange slope is located in the upper parts of the mountain. The attractions in the orange slope are the slush gusher; this is slide attraction which speeds up to 35 mph. summit plummet and the team boat springs are the other fabulous water slides.

Purple slope:

This slope contains the racing slide downhill double dipper and the mat slide snow stormers, the visitors are asked to lie flat with their stomach facing the mat, during their ride. A toboggan racer is another ride which consists of slides, which contains snow slopes.

Red slope:

This slope house only a single attraction the runoff rapids, this is tube slide, where the guests are allowed to have fun sliding through the grooved steel pipes.

The water parks contain gift shops, mouth watering restaurants and bars, so have fun in this gorgeous attraction.