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Universal Studio, Orlando

The universal studios is a magnificent theme park, it is sited in Orlando universal studios orlando Florida. This theme park delivers a jaw-dropping adventure and has proved to be an excellent enjoyment delivery center. Where the visitors are allowed to ride the movies.

Universal studios Florida:

You can encounter countless thriller rides, shows and various other entertainments in the universal studios Florida. The attractions in this park are:

Back To The Future:

This exotic ride is based on the movie “Back to the future” 1985. This ride is very adventurous where the participant should sit facing a huge screen called the omnimax and ride the vehicle.


This movie was a terrific hit in the 1970’s, and the whole movie is about the tribulations faced by the people when a cataclysmic earthquake hits the city of California.
This movie yielded a lot of profit and was one of the biggest hits for movies categorized under destruction and violence. The ride is also a biggest hit where the visitors are allowed to experience the obliteration caused by the earthquakes.

Exhilarating Movies:

Some of the stunning movies are ET adventure, Jimmy Neutron’s nick ton blast and shrek 4-D. The shrek 4-D is a kind of movie-ride, where you can enjoy all the special effects.

Fear factor:

This is a kind of reality show, where the contestants are asked to perform daring tasks. The tasks can be stunts of any kind and the contestants are grouped and then they compete against their competitors.

Horror Make-Up Show:

This show portrays the techniques used in horror make-up; the show is a hit because it has the right essence of humor mix. A lot of make-up strategies and props are shown here.

There are also several soundstages in the universal studios which host a lot of shows, and it also features a lot of restaurants, which offer excellent goodies.


This attraction lets the visitors enjoy a boat ride, and suddenly they experience a simulation of shark attack. But it does not terrorize the guests to that extent.

Revenge Of The Mummy:

Shriek in the steel roller coaster, which is situated in the interiors of the building. The astonishing feature which makes the ride outstanding is its distribution of scintillating visual effects, which are unbeatable.

Twister (film):

This movie revolves around the storm chasers who start researching on tornadoes. This movie was a tremendous hit and it always holds the 37th position in the box office. The universal studios Orlando, offers a ride based on the movie, where you are taken into the sets that appeared in the movie, and suddenly you would find yourself in the midst of the destruction caused by the tornadoes.