Pirate Golf

pirate golfThis fabulous attraction offers unmatchable fun and entertainment; it is located in international drive or Lake Buena Vista. This is a best place to have fun together with the family, where hours just fly. The numerous attractions in this place would never miss to make your heart beat wilder. This park brings out a legendary aura of the eighteenth century.

astonishing features in this attraction include:

  • Lagoons

  • mystical treasures

  • skulls

  • waterfalls

  • grottos

  • dungeons

You can choose between two courses to play one is the captain Kidd’s course and the other is the Blackbeard’s challenge. Your play time will be really enjoyable due to sudden obstacles, and the whole course of the game will be thrilling and exciting. You can either play a single course or opt for both the courses of the game.

Both the games let you cruise around a tall hill, where you have to play really tricky shots to get through. Sometimes you may have to play through deafening cascades and sometimes you will have to climb bridges. You can also enlighten yourself by reading all the information in the notice boards, there might be loads and loads of information, to make you strong in history.

Once you are tired due to all the playing and fun, relax and take rest in the snack bar, where you’ll find excellent goodies which would increase your appetite.