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National Forests

National Forests:

florida national forest

Florida consists of four national parks each provides visitors with unique experiences. The fine collection of forest includes:

  • Apalachicola
  • Choctawhatchee
  • Ocala
  • Osceola


In the Apalachicola National Forest you can discover flat and gently rolling terrain, moist lowlands where cypress, longleaf pine/wiregrass and savannas which provides an unusual combination of amphibians and wildflowers. The rivers and stream's of Apalachicola provide a steady freshwater flow to some of the coastal bays known for shellfish and other commercial seafoods.Some portion of the forest in the wet lowlands are bounded by cypress, oak and magnolias. The Apalachicola National Forest offers water based recreation of entertainments such as boating and fishing along with Ochlockonee and Apalachicola rivers, and swimming in the numerous lakes. There is also the mountain bike riding, horseback riding and motorcycle riding.

Camping can be done in all seasons on the Apalachicola National Forest. It has six day use area of which four are fee areas.

Ocala National Forest:

florida national forest

The Ocala National Forest is a fascinating and attractive Forest which offers a climate that is much accommodated for year-round recreation. The mild winters are very much fine for campaign and a cool way of spending an august day.

The Forest has twisting streams and lakes which is helpful in fishing and boating and water skiing. The forest offers many scenic lakes formed with limestone dissolved, which penetrate the surface layer to slump and filled with water. There is a thrilling underwater view of fish, vegetation and carvernous springs.

Ocala National Forest offers wonderful opportunities for thrilling entertainments such as mountain riding, off-roading and horseback riding. National Forest traverses the forest north to south, winding through different ecosystem.

Hikers can experience the thrilling of hills in the forest with open pine forest, vast prairies and oak hammocks. The Trail meander is nearly 67 miles through the Ocala National Forest making it a good choice for backpacking.

florida national forest

Osceola National Forest

Osceola National Forest covers nearly two thousand acres of the original Florida. This woodlands and swamps provide lot of opportunities for a wide range of visitors like swimming, hiking, fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing and more.