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Disney MGM Studio

disney mgm studioStep in to the land of wonder and awe, the brilliant MGM studios welcomes you. Glitz and glamour are synonyms for this magnificent studio. It delivers a feeling of fun, fantasy and amusement. Let your eyes devour the attractive architecture and the scintillating décor. The main motto of this attraction is to carry us back in time portraying the golden age of Hollywood, beware this place is likely to enchant your senses.

disney mgm studioThe entrance is beautified with a water tower called the “earffel tower”; this tower carries a pair of 5000 pound mouse ears. A larger area of the MGM- studios contains television and movie production. This lovely attraction offers everything including thrill rides, movies and lovely cuisines.

The various attractions in the studios are:

Beauty and beast stage show:

This magnificent show is a replica of the famous fable “the beauty and the beast”. This alluring show stages excellent singing, choreography, dancing sets and spectacular costumes, you can view the show in a canopy- covered amphitheatre


Gape in wonder as you watch the stunning laser and light show, this show is also staged in an amphitheatre. The hero Mickey with the Disney baddies in this show, finally all is well that ends well, the Disney characters come out in a ferry boat to thrill the audience.

Jones stunt

This attraction features all the stunt scenes of the Indiana Jones movie. The popular stunt coordinator, Glenn Randall manages this show, where you can get an insight about all the designs and performances of stunt scenes. This show is a big hit among people of all age groups.

Honey I shrunk the kids playground

This is not any thrill ride or attraction, but this vast area lets small kids explore a different kind of world, where every object has grown up considerably.

The Magic of Disney Animation

Disney animations soar to a new height where the dragon mushu, lets your nerves crack through his hilarious humor. Initially you can enjoy a brief introduction about animations and then later you are allowed to interact with the characters, where you can either sing or speak and have fun.

One man’s dream:

This show exhibits the life history of the great Walt Disney, the man behind this great extravaganza. The tour incorporates a movie that features soundtrack and was exclusively designed for this attraction. This attraction displays the original words of Walt Disney and his ideas.

Sound’s dangerous

This unique attraction lets you be seated in a dark theatre which is pitch black and you are asked to wear your head phones. The whole trick is done by the head phones which emit sounds independent of each other, i.e. each head phone gives out sounds independently and lets your brain anticipate the next happening.

Star tours

Exhilarate yourself through the star tours; this attraction features a superb ride, where you have to face the obstacles to save your skin. The attraction carries you over the star wars battle and after facing a row of catastrophes you finally land in to the tatooine trader’s shop where you can shop for all the items regarding star tours.

Tower of terror

Enter the abandoned tower of terror, which shows clear signs of desertion. Broken dingy structures and degraded plants welcome you to the tower of terror. Once you enter the tower the enjoyment begins and as you cruise through the tower you will find yourself shouting and screaming in joy.

Voyage of the little mermaid

This is a musical stage production, and it lets you feel one among the mermaid family. This play stages puppetry and live action. A lot of hit songs are sung during the play, many being award winning ones.

Who wants to be a millionaire:

You can take part in this show and battle for the hot seat. The contestants are picked from the studio audience and even you can take part in this show.

The exotic MGM studios also offer MGM parades and fire works, shows such as Muppet vision 3d.