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Disney Magic Kingdom

The magic kingdom

Go back to your childhood; forget your worries, plunge in the pool of excitement, let your heart reverberate - welcome to the magic kingdom. The magic kingdom is the main attraction of the Walt Disney world. It disney magic kingdomwas opened in 1971, October 1, and is also responsible for the development of the tourism industry in Florida. Ever wondered how this park remains to be a major attraction even today? This park has witnessed so many cultural changes, technological improvements, and the ability of the park to blend well with the current generation is responsible for its success. The park sparkles a feeling of joy and exhilaration, it always offers something unique and thus it would remain attractive forever.

The magic kingdom is composed of five distinct areas and they are positioned like a beam, where they all appear to converge in front of the Cinderella castle.

Those five main distinct areas are:

Adventure Land

Enter the African continent and enjoy the beating of African drums, the green African trees would never magic-kingdom-adventurelandmiss to cast a spell on the onlooker. The journey surely proves to be fantastic as you tour through the deep dark jungle.
Jungle cruise: you can cruise the dark lush African jungle through your boat, they show a lot of interesting jungle scenes, each boat is also provided with a guide.
Pirates of the Caribbean: this attraction is based on the idea of the pirates looting the Caribbean island; guests are made to tour inside the cool underground grottos. It supports excellent audio-animatrics. This attraction proves to be the favorite for people around all age groups.
Swiss family tree house: this adorable tree house has all features of a house. The tree looks amazing and extraordinary and has thick concrete roots hanging.

Fantasy Land

As the name suggests this gorgeous place exhibits a fantastic aura, Cinderella, the famous fairy tale character rules over this alluring castle. Surprisingly this castle is not built with bricks instead steel, beams and fiber magic-kingdom-fantasylandglasses are the constituents of the castle.
Meet Ariel in her kingdom: you can meet Ariel, the mermaid queen in her dwelling place, kids can play in the water here, and there is separate area for adults too. This is the best place to beat the heat.
Ride on the dumbo: you can enjoy a gentle ride on the wide-eyed baby elephants, this ride is a popular attraction for the children, and this is not a thrill ride.
Join the mad tea party: seat yourself in these large sized cups and saucers, and let this ride wobble you. This thrill ride takes you in 2- minute spin, so freak out and enjoy.
There are many more attractions here, including the peter pan’s flight, Winnie the pooh and snow white’s scary adventures

Frontier Land :

This place depicts the old times of the west frontier land, with banjo music and reminiscences of the past frontier-landera. The place looks stunning with its lush green trees and awesome food stuffs.
Bump into the thunder mountain: the huge thunder mountain rail road is a major attraction, here you go on a thrill journey through the mountain where you encounter falling rocks and earth quake, and you can also spot the red-eyed residents of the mountains staring at you. Never miss the scenic beauty and the engravings in the mountain.
Join the party with the country bears: enjoy with the bears and listen to their singing, humor and have immense fun. This attraction is one of Walt Disney’s original ideas. The elders and the younger children enjoy this attraction equally.
Play tom sawyer: unwind your thoughts as you enter the tom sawyer island, kids find the place to be very interesting with its caves and fort.
The other attractions in the place include splash mountain, and other shows and events.liberty-square

Liberty square

This attraction features a historic America, and it passes on a lovely aura, foodstuffs are really mouth watering. They include a lot of many other attractions.

Meet The President

This informative attraction gives information regarding the American political history; the great leader’s depiction remains to be very realistic. This show imparts a lot of patriotism, enjoyed mostly by the elders.
Relish in the riverboat Enjoy a pleasant journey in the river boat, which is a replica old paddle wheel river boat, this boat does not offer any thrill, but imparts a lovely feeling. Scare yourself in the haunted mansion
Haunted mountain houses many ghosts, howls of wolves and other special effects; the journey comes approximately to 8 minutes. The mansion is built in the old gothic style.

Tomorrow Land

The tomorrow land of the magic kingdom is a futuristic city; they portray an advanced future which would magic-kingdom-tomorrow-landhurtle over one’s imagination. It under went renovation and it was opened in 1995, it was billed as the “Future that never was”. The tomorrow land is filled with planets, neon lights and metal palm trees. Shriek in the Astro-orbitar: you can fly in style in the Buck Roger style rockets, which let you plunge and pounce around the planets. You are provided with a control lever where you can control your flight. This exciting ride remains to be the favorite among children and teenagers.

Fight the villain in the buzz lightyear’s space ranger spin: buzz lightyear is the most adored toy story hero and this ride is based on the character. You can settle in the two seated cars, where your aim will be to kill villain, Zurg. You will be provided with a ray gun, with which you can shoot the evil.

Carousal of progress: this is a theatre which consists of 250 seats and this is the best place to loosen up and relax yourself. They telecast the history of film animation starting from the 1900’s. The movie goes through six stages stating the development of animations. Grown-ups prefer this movie than the younger generation.
Become a car racer in the tomorrowland speedway: here you get a chance to speed up in the mini sports cars. The sports cars here are gas powered, and then you are asked to ride at any speed you like; the younger generations enjoy this ride greatly.