Keywest , Florida

Key West:

keywestKey West is a City in Monroe Country, Florida.During pre Columbian times Key West was settled by Calusa people. Key West was visited by the European Juan Ponce de Leon in 1521.Since Florida became Spanish colony fishing and salvage village was established here.

The original Spanish name for the island of Key West is Cayo Hueso.It means "Bone Key". It is said that the island was the westernmost Key with a lot amount of water supply.

Mayors of Key West:

Mayors of Key West reflect the city's cultural and cultural heritage. Among its mayors are the first Cuban mayor and one of the first openly gay mayors.

Overseas by rail and road:

keywestKey West was originally isolated till 1912 and when it was connected to the Florida mainland through Overseas Railway extension of Henry M. Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway. Flagler formed a landfill at Trumbo Point for his railyards. Due to this problem the U.S regime then rebuilt the rail route as an automobile highway which was completed in1938. The portion of U.S Highway 1 of the Key is called the Overseas Highway.

Cuban presence

During 1890, Key West became rich in population and the richest city in Florida. Mostly half of the inhabitants is said to be of Cuban origin, and the Key West on the basis had Cuban mayors which includes father of Cuban Republic, who was elected as mayor in 1876. Pan American Airlines was founded and it was originally used to fly visitors to Havana in the Key West.Prior to the Cuban revolution of 1959, there were normal ferry and airplane services between Key West and Havana.During the Mariel Boatlift Key West was flooded with refugees. These refugees continue to come ashore mostly in April 2003.

Port of Key West

Navy Mole pier in Key West has two cruise ships docked. The first cruise ship was the Sunward in 1969, which docked at the Navy's pier in the Truman Annex. The Navy's pier is called the Navy Mole.

In 1984 the city opened a pier right on Mallory Square. The decision was met with considerable resistance from people who felt it would disrupt the tradition of watching the sunset at Mallory Square.Cruise ships now dock at all three piers.

Cruise Ship Statistics for 1994

  • Number of visits: 368
  • Passenger count: 398,370
  • City revenues from docking charges: $852,88