Kennedy Space

The prominent Kennedy space center is named after sir. John F. Kennedy. kennedy space This center is actually a space port in Florida. This space center also houses a visitor center, so it is a major attraction in Florida. There is also a huge wild life sanctuary.

The Kennedy visitors’ complex includes a lot of museums, two Omnimax theatres and there even bus rides to restricted areas.

There are about a million of tourists visiting this premier technological attraction, every year.

Kennedy space center also offers a lot of innovative adventures and shows.

Astronaut Encounter:

This is a rare opportunity, where you get to speak with an astronaut and thus experience a close encounter with the astronauts.

Astronaut Memorial:

This memorial was built by to honor the astronauts who gave up their life in the course of space explorations. The names of those astronauts are written in a fifty foot wide black granite surface.

Become A Part Of The Space Program:

Here you can be a part of the space program; you can explore the real space hardware, and thus learn some fundamentals about the space programs.

Enjoy The Space Flight Simulations:

The astronaut hall of fame lets you enjoy and experience the space flight simulations, where you can view large rockets, feel a piece of mars and board the space shuttle.

IMAX Space Films:

Enjoy the thrill of watching a gigantic screen which features space explorations with 3D special effects.

Lunch With An Astronaut:

This is a well-liked attraction in the Kennedy space center, where you get a chance to meet the astronauts and have delicious lunch. You can utilize the timings and enquire about their experiences.

Mad Mission To Mars:

You are transformed to an astronaut trainee here, and thus you can go on a weird voyage around the outer space. Exclusive effects like animations, artificial winds and many more features would easily win your admiration.

Rocket Garden:

The rocket garden contains a vast assortment of old rockets, the rockets look fresh and lovely with their brilliant coloring and bright blue accents and red-orange light to show the glimmer of the heat engines.