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Universal Islands Of Adventure

The islands of adventure Florida, is a stupendous theme park and is a constituent of the universal Orlando resort. This theme park consists of six dissimilar islands, each one sporting a unique theme.

The six different islands can be listed as:

Jurassic Park:

This attraction is based on the movie of Jurassic park, and there are many more jurassic parkattractions in this island. One being the “Jurassic park river adventure”, where you go cruising along a jungle river and you can also spot a lot of dinosaurs on your way. A lot of dinosaurs will make their appearance; some will tend to swallow you so beware. You can camp at the “camp Jurassic”, kids can play there. The park also has a collection of dinosaur’s skeletons.

Marvel Super Hero Island:

This stunning Wisland reminds the marvel super hero island marvel comic books. Some of the comic books from the marvel include Fantastic Four, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil, Captain America, and X-Men. This island attraction offers four indigenous rides. “The incredible hulk” is one of them; this ride features a steel roller coaster, which goes through twisty paths. The next ride is the “amazing adventures of spider man”, this ride is claimed to be one of the technologically sophisticated rides in the world. This ride is a simulation of spider man’s adventures. “Doctor Doom’s fearfall” is another ride, where you are subjected to intense terror to bring the level of your fear to the fullest. “Storm force accelatron”, this ride lets you zoom across the place, while you are seated in a teacup.

Port Of Entry:

As the name suggests the port of entry is seuss landing a vivacious shopping center, and it is located in the northern side with respect to the entrance of the park. This park being a shopping center reveals an Arabian style, and looks like the popular Arabian bazaar. The outstanding aspect of this attraction is the confisco grille restaurant.

Seuss Landing:

This attraction primarily focuses on little kids and all the rides are targeted towards them. The whole attraction is themed behind the inventions of the author Dr. Seuss. Kids can also interactively enjoy through rides like the Caro-Seuss-el, The Cat in the Hat Ride, and If I Ran the Zoo. The unique trait of this attraction is that it does not posses any single straight line anywhere.

The Lost Continent:

This park contains a blend of myths toon lagoon from the lands of Greece, Arabia and other medieval mythology. You can enjoy the dueling dragons’ roller coaster, where one dragon gives out ice and the other fire. You can also view the stunt show called as the “the eighth voyage of sindbad”.

Toon Lagoon:

This attraction is enjoyed by the children as well as the adults. The theme behind the island is based on the comic strips such as king features syndicate and jayward. You can also enjoy the long-established flume ride boasting with a steepest fall. The toon lagoon also hosts a river torrents ride and a kid’s play area.