Florida Park

The central zoological park is located in the northern side of Orlando. Though this is not a very large sized central zoological parkzoo, it still remains to be appealing to most of the tourists. This park holds more than 300 animals, and 145 different species.

The most distinct feature in the park is its “herpetarium” which contains a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians which are kept safely behind highly secured and air conditioned rooms.

The zoo also houses very exotic species; they are
  • Two huge elephants

  • A hippopotamus

  • A clouded leopard

  • Cheetahs

  • Amur leopard

  • And hyacinth macaws

The whole area proves to be very shady under the shade of oak trees. The Florida nature walk lets you stroll around the wooded forested zoo area. This zoo also proves to be very interesting and informative because they show how small altitude differences lead to the change of living conditions of plants.

Another attraction in the zoo, is the butterfly sensory garden, here in this area you can view an array of beautifully hued flowers, which never fail to attract insects.

This place is not only a home for wondrous flowers, but many herbs are also present; you can witness many brightly colored insects being drawn to the herb and flowers.

The zoo also conducts animal demonstrations to educate the visitors about the living habits, food and other various habits of animals. Sometimes you are allowed to touch some of the animals.

If you are exhausted and hungry, you can enjoy food in the barebones snack bar, where they sell a lot of goodies like hotdogs and hamburgers. The most enjoyable feature is that you can lunch in the outdoors which imparts a very pleasant feeling.