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Disney Epcot Center

Epcot–experimental prototype community of tomorrow


Epcot is an inventory of novel ideas. This attraction was opened in 1982 and it focuses mainly on new technologies and emerging ideas. Epcot is considered to be more informative when compared to all other attractions. Innovation screams, enjoyment shrieks, when you land in epcot.


Future world

Epcot remained to be a vision of Walt Disney, he wanted it to be a prototype and thus it remains incomplete, but new technologies will be introduced and tested here. Fresh technological ideas play an important part in the future world. Space ships and Space crafts are a common sight here.

The attractions here can be briefed as:

Enter in to the icon of epcot - spaceship earth:

The space ship earth is a magnificent construction, billed as the gateway to the future world. This attraction takes you on a dark cruise show-casing the developments of mankind throughout history. The priority focus is on cultural developments and future innovations.

Innovate the innoventions:

Initially referred as the communicore, this attraction lets the visitors have hands on exhibitions from companies which focus on science and technology, like IBM and Segway.

Ride in the mission space:

This ride lets you experience a training required to go to mars. You can enjoy a simulated journey to mars. The ride lets you enjoy the real effect of a rocket blasting off.

Test the test track:

Relax in a six seated car, and learn about the automobile production, as the ride takes you through the testing phase of automobile production. You can view the different course of operations like high temperatures, terrain surfaces, high speed turns.

Living seas:

This is one of the largest indoor aquariums and looks like a sea research station. You can spot a lot of water species here, sometimes scuba divers appear as guides, for fee.

There are many more rides in the future world like the land pavilion, journey in to imagination and wonders of life.

World showcase

Around eleven pavilions constitute the world show case, these pavilions host a country each.
The eleven countries in the world show case are:


This pavilion tries to capture the scenic beauty of Canada, with canyons, waterfall gardens, fountains and totem poles.


The Chinese gate will welcome you when you enter the Chinese pavilion. The Chinese temple is the major attraction in this pavilion.


The France pavilion takes you on a journey through Paris, where you will have the feel of roaming around the streets of Paris, with Eiffel tower in the neighborhood. French restaurants and French shops flaunt this place.


The German pavilion is built like a German town. The statue of St. George, the dragon and the clock tower are some of the beautiful attractions in this pavilion. You can also view a model village with a model train. A lot of shops here sell traditional German goods.


The Italian pavilion is a combination of Venetian and roman architecture. Classical roman décor prove to hypnotize the onlooker. A lot of street performers are also present to entertain the visitors.


The Japanese courtyard is the main theme behind the Japanese pavilion. A tall Japanese pagoda stands at the entrance of the pavilion. The main attractions here are Japanese pools, castles and gardens. There are shops which sell Japanese goods and restaurant which provide Japanese eatables.


The Mexican pavilion looks similar to the Aztec pyramid. The guest can get an insight of Mexican culture, their past and present, the guests can enjoy a boat ride in the lagoon and view the model volcano.


The Moroccan pavilion looks exactly like the city of morocco. It houses a building which looks like a Moroccan house, the other buildings here include the gallery of arts and history and the Fez house. The entire place is filled with a North African aura.


You are sure to get a feeling of entering the Norwegian village as you walk in to the pavilion of Norway. It houses restaurants which provide Norwegian goodies and shops which sell Norwegian items.

The American Adventure:

The American adventure sports a colonial design; it stages American history and the various facts about American history. A lot of singers and other stars perform at the American garden.

The United Kingdom:

you would find yourself fascinated by the English city built on the United Kingdom’s pavilion. The architecture is focused on the various phases of British culture. You could easily get British items and food here.