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Downtown Disney

downtown disneyThe downtown Disney is a place where you can shop and amuse yourself. There are a vast assortment of shops and restaurants in downtown Disney. So enjoy shopping in downtown Disney. Shopping centers include

The basin: Here you can get facial and bath products, like fashionably cut soaps, bath crystals and soaps; you can test their products before purchase.

The art of Disney: The place houses a wide collection of products like the Sericels, lithographs, original paintings, sculptures, collectibles and figurines of the related to Walt Disney’s collection. All products come in affordable prices making them more appealing.

Wonderful world of memories: You can get Disney related stickers, albums and kits which will remain to be reminiscence of Disney, you can also shop for books under a variety of category here.

Disney’s days of Christmas: Here you can purchase gifts and holiday merchandise, most of them featuring Disney characters. Most of the stuff focuses on Christmas, while other festivals are also taken into account such as the Easter, thanksgiving and Fourth of July.

Goofy’s Candy Company: You would stand in awe when you witness their collection of sweet goodies. Here you can opt for your kind of sweet which suits your taste; you can choose the base and toppings from their items.

EuroSpain/Arribas brothers: Beautiful crystal objects are waiting to be picked up at this crystal specialty shop. You can also ask for personalized items. Skilled craftsmen work on each piece making it intricately beautiful.

Once upon a toy store: This store has a collection of beautiful toys for kids and those who want to decorate their homes with lovely toys. In addition to the toys there a lot of DVDs also for sale here.

Disney tails: This shop provides stuff for those who have pets and those who are pet lovers. The items in this store include leashes, collars, bowls, and treats.

Rainforest café shop: They hold a collection of products which are themed under the rainforest. The various items include clothing, awesome jewelry, toys, candy, mugs etc.

Team Mickey athletic club: Contains all required sports items ranging from athletic clothing, merchandise and sports and memorabilia.

The other shopping centers in downtown Disney can be listed as:

  • Disney’s pin traders
World of Disney: under which stores are categorized as
  • Magic room

  • rincess room

  • Adventure room

  • Villains room

  • Map room

  • Carnival room

  • Bird room

  • Snow white room

  • Great hall