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Discovery Cove

Discovery coveEnter the wondrous tropical land, welcome to discovery cove Orlando. Where you can enjoy the beauty of the animals, birds, fishes and also play with them. This attraction entrenches a very unique experience, and this would be a pleasant reminiscence forever.


The various heart throbs here include:

The Coral Reef:

free flight aviaryExplore the fabulous world, here you can swim underwater and explore the fantasies of the under water paradise. The coral reef present in the underwater will really magnetize your vision, with its astonishing beauty. The elements in the reef include thousands of multihued tropical fishes, shipwrecks and hidden caverns. As swim you would first encounter a water fall and then a fresh water lagoon.

Free Flight Aviary:

coral reef Have you ever longed to talk and interact with the flying feathered beauties? Here you can let your dreams come true, because the free flight aviary lets you interact with the birds where you can feel them, feed them and if possible you can also talk to them. The area comprises both land and water.

Play With The Dolphins:

This attraction is the most exquisite one, where you can swim with the play with the dolphinsdolphins. Initially you will be given a brief introduction about the dolphins and how the trainers would interact with the dolphins by speaking in sign language them, next you will be asked to enjoy the thrilling swim, here you can start to intermingle with the dolphins and soon you can kiss and play with them.

Snorkel With The Stingrays:

Stingrays are gentle and lovable creatures. Enjoy mingling with these soft creatures, play and swim with them. You will be filled with pleasure as these soft creatures nuzzle with you. This under water swimming will make you contented and blissful, relieved from all your tensions.

Tropical River:

This river is capable of elating your soul, as you pass along the river you will be able tropical riverto spot many different environments like the bright isle beach, rainforest with dense woods, underwater grotto and a large bird aviary.