Busch Gardens

Busch Garden:

Busch Garden has been the finest place of attraction through out many years since 1959. The park was debuted as a bird gardens and hospitality center which is free of charge to guest who toured there.

Busch garden was the No.1 tourist center half a century back when wildlife and wild rides come together in an unmatched combination in styles. There was a world class zoo with more than 2,500 endangered animals which was not found anywhere in Florida.


A fierce, floorless, blazing-fast thriller in the heart of Busch Garden id the SheiKra. After a 200 climb, this coaster takes you just over the edge of 90 degree drop and stops there for 4 seconds which needs enough brave to look down at the ground.

Then like the Sub-Saharan bird of prey, you plunge straight towards the ground then racing at speeds of more than 70 miles per hours. A loop and a second dive into an underground tunnel end with a surprise twist because with SheiKra they cannot escape.


A show was born along with the quite a few four-legged and feathered stars, when the expert animal trainers turned their attention towards some rescues.

The animal trainers use almost all part of the park using some sort of encouragement-based training philosophy. The lists of shows are

Mystic Sheiks of MoroccoDance to the MusicPirates 4-DKaTonga
Rock a Doo WopCritter Castaways

Animal Attraction

The new addition to the Busch Garden is Jungala.It is the four acres of fun filled with animal interaction, three-story maze of rope bridges, two signature rides and live entertainment.

Education and Adventure:

There is both education and the Adventures spot present in

Animal InformationAdventure CampsEducation Programs including field trips
and birthday parties
Career Resources
Just for TeachersConservation MattersFun ZoneWhat's New
ippo Cam

Contact information:

Located corner of Busch Boulevard and 40th street Tampa - 1hr from Orlando via the I4 Tel (813) 987 5082 Shuttle express $10 per person for a round trip from Orlando.