Welcome to this paradise of alligators; find out all interesting stuff about these long mouthed beauties. This is the best wild life attraction gatorland-entrance located in central Florida. This park comprises of 110-acres of land and is a huge wild life preservative. This park not only show cases the alligators but there are other attractions, such as

  • Enjoyable train ride

  • A huge aviary

  • Breeding marsh

  • Bird sanctuary

  • Petting zoo

  • Nature walk

  • Gift shops

  • Exclusive shows

The fabulous gator land express takes its passengers on an enjoyable train ride, through jungle crocodiles, breeding marshes and bird rookery areas. You can also paint your face at the Jorge’s fun face painting.

Speak to the lovely parrots in the aviary. This is a chance to get close to the delighted birds which come in a multi-hued spectrum. These parrots commonly called as the lorikeets, and they would develop a special liking to you if you visit them with a cup of nectar.

The breeding marshes houses 130 alligators, in which there are 100 females and 30 males. But now the breeding marshes are also occupied by birds like the herons, egrets, anhinga and storks

The swamp walk lets you tour around the cypress swamp, this swamp is reminiscence of Florida remained to be in the early days. Nature speaks louder in this park, and you will find yourself to be completely immersed in its natural beauty.

Gatorland also features amazing shows which are sure to make your heart skip a beat. Here the alligators actually jump in to the air to grab their food and this causes the audience to stay startled at the sight of the alligator jumping in the air. Gator wresting is another show where trainers are allowed to wrestle with alligators.

The show called up-close encounters lets you stay connected with animals, and it is going to be a real surprise as you will not know what animal you are going to encounter. These fascinating creatures are sure to cast a spell on you.

Gator land offers adorable gifts and let you plunge in the land of joy and fun. You can purchase any item in the gift shop.

Gator land is an ideal picnic spot because it has no long lines and it is completely dedicated to nature. This half day attraction lets your heart bounce in joy as you spot a variety of animals and birds.