Florida holiday review
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Florida Holiday Review
Enveloping Exotic Plants | Florida Vacation Spot | Florida Holiday Review

Enveloping Exotic Plants

According to the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council (FLEPPC), the spread of invasive exotic plants is second only to direct habitat destruction in creating adverse effects on Florida’s natural habitats! Nuisance exotic plant species out-compete native flora thus reducing the amount of forage and cover for our native wildlife. In order to protect our wild and natural areas, the State of Florida spends millions of dollars every year to control the spread of exotics.

In addition to threatening our natural areas, recreation and even commerce are compromised. In the early 1900’s shipping was almost halted on the St. Johns River due to water hyacinths choking the river! Even today, boating on some lakes would be impossible if it were not for expensive chemical treatments of hydrilla.

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